Philosophy & Vision


Our pioneering spirit...

As regular streams of new people join our ranks they become key to adding strength and continuity to the essence of our vibrant history. They nourish our dynamic and ever evolving culture, and become value-adding members. We can be proud of our history, which is an expression of the pioneering spirit God has blessed us all with.

I can vividly recall the moment when in Karachi, in December 1991, a thought crossed my mind as I looked out of the window while travelling in a black and yellow cab on Shahrah e Faisal. Why KZR? Why start an organization and go through the hassle and investment of time and money that it entails? Why not go it alone, as so many people in consultancy and training do? The answer was simple: build a successful and enduring organization that is run like no other business on earth.

Our individual and collective responsibility is to ensure that our respective organizations attain world-class standing on all the key measures the world understands. In addition, our organizations must also acquire a distinct reputation of being driven by principles that inspires other organizations to emulate.

We can bring positive change by demonstrating to the world an organizational model where trusting and empowering people really pays handsome dividends.

Play on human strengths and make everyone in the organization feel co-ownership through participation in decision making and direction. Have a minimum set of rules and foster self-discipline such that conventional supervision is not needed in a high performing team culture.

Build an organization where everyone feels and thinks like a CEO and also enjoys making tea for the team at the same time.

Build an organization that is powered by people who respect all of Godís creation and let them grow the business to new heights of performance and contribution to society.

Create an environment that truly unleashes the infinite human potential. Hire people on the basis of their sincerity and desire to learn and grow. Groom them and provide them with abundant opportunities to thrive and excel.

Build an organization where leadership grows from within and where every associate is keen to develop people to a level better than themselves. Evolve a compensation structure where income sharing is generous and immediate and individuals manage their own financial affairs for the present and for the rainy days.

Build an organization where status, age and experience counts for nothing; where only stature, competence and sincerity are valued.

Build an organization where the main source of performance appraisal is the customer and stakeholders and aim to have zero customer service complaints. Let all trainers, consultants and associates be free to develop their own style of performing and working that satisfies and delights customer needs in an ethical and professional way.

Build an organization with low fixed overheads and one that operates locally and globally as a virtual team linked electronically, supplemented by periodic and frequent personal interactions.