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"Build an organization where status, age and experience counts for nothing; where only stature, competence and sincerity are valued."

KZR Story

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Kamran Rizvi founded KZR Associates, a management consulting and training firm in Islamabad, Pakistan, in June 1991.

His vision was to ultimately transform KZR from a family enterprise into independent organizations with their own strategic focus and that are entirely owned and managed by teams of dedicated, competent and sincere professionals.

To this end, a strategy for growth was developed at KZR, called PPO (Perpetually Pregnant Organization). As a result, KZR has spawned various organizations and has also built informal associations with many others upon entering the 21st century. The organizations that have come in its place are well established and are growing in an exemplary fashion with the overall mission of developing the human factor in their respective spheres of influence. Click on link Network on top of this page for details on these organizations.

Having served its purpose, KZR is now part of history and serves as a reference point for posterity by continuing its presence in cyberspace.