"Build an organization where the main source of performance appraisal is the customer and stakeholders and aim to have zero customer service complaints. Let all trainers, consultants and associates be free to develop their own style of performing and working that satisfies and delights customer needs in an ethical and professional way."

Makings of a vision

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Big thinking leads to deeds magnificent in the eyes of God. Big thinking demands that we are patient and entertain thoughts in our minds that transcend conventional boundaries we impose on time in the shape of days, weeks, years, decades, centuries, and millennia. The height of big thinking is attained when we allow the eternal mindset to permeate and operate in our everyday thinking. This may sound crazy at first, but hold on. Stay open to the idea before jumping to any conclusions. Patience is a virtue!

Consider this. Eternal thoughts expand the world of possibility and make the future exciting and indeed achievable in a time frame that spans several generations. This is not to say that the 'moment' you experience now is invalid or unimportant. The 'moment' is also a world of milliseconds and nanotechnology. In this tiny space, significant events of the world have taken shape and will continue to do so. Your very existence is proof of this phenomenon!

We were conceived in a flash in our mother?s womb, and today we stand as the nerve endings of human history and civilization. We are the very reason our ancestors ever lived. Failure to discover our role and purpose in this ever-unfolding chain of events would mean that we have not lived.

Life becomes meaningful only when we live on purpose and play an active part in passing on the 'baton' in a better shape than we received it from our ancestors.

We, therefore, need to develop our capacity to delve into the micro and the macro world of possibilities simultaneously being aware of the minute and the vast space of infinity for it is in this depth and range where all possibilities reside. In KZR's language, we call this: 5x5 Level 1 to 9 thinking. Our infinite potential resides in our heart and mind and the sooner we realize this, the better. This, in essence, is developing the human factor our mission, which is sacred and dear to us all.

A goal is a dream with a deadline. Fantasy is the absence of a serious intent to see dreams materialize in some future time.