"Build an organization where the main source of performance appraisal is the customer and stakeholders and aim to have zero customer service complaints. Let all trainers, consultants and associates be free to develop their own style of performing and working that satisfies and delights customer needs in an ethical and professional way."

A vision of 2110

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Imagine our world in 2110!

1. Prosperous, participative and growing  a world where ethnic, cultural and religious differences are a source of creativity, innovation and celebration.

2. Gleam of hope in the eyes of all children.

3. Each adult feels a vital part of a single, all-encompassing humanity and is motivated and connected to a vision, playing an active role in driving a booming and just economy.

4. Each student is hungry to learn about self, others, life and the possibilities life offers.

5. We still have a vibrant agricultural sector, municipal bodies are providing great services to their respective communities, and centers of learning are flourishing and can be seen everywhere. Use of technology is common place.

6. Swift judicial remedy of quality, that is both compassionate and courageous, is available to people seeking redress. 

7. Jails have turned into institutions of reform. Crime is low and crime rates are falling.

8. Character is valued the most and material wealth is no longer accumulated by the few, but made available freely by those who have plenty, to the needy, for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

9. This is a world where good and evil still prevail, but where being cunning, deceitful driven by hate and greed is frowned upon by society at large and is seen as a lowly trait.

10. Streets are free of people who beg. Everyone is seen walking with dignity and interacting respectfully with each other.

11. Merit is on the rise, and the needy are cared for by society in a way that empowers them to contribute in any way they can.

12. There is heroism in simple acts of generosity.

13. The air is clean, the streets are smooth and gleaming.

14. Political power is distributed fairly and exercised wisely with appropriate checks and balances.

15. People have at last woken up to their responsibility of making a positive difference in their immediate sphere of influence and are enjoying a life of vision, simplicity and diversity.

16. Everyone is heard. Institutions are receptive to genuine human needs. Everyone in society feels included, respected and valued.

17. Spirituality is in ascendance

How will the above be achieved? Our world has more than sufficient financial and technical resources to ensure that such aspirations are realized in the next one hundred years or so.

What we need to do is to keep on learning, growing, and expanding our capacities by networking, collaborating and partnering with individuals and organizations that share in our dream.

By remaining focused on our shared vision and priorities, we will come closer, step by step, to the picture above.

It is for us to enrich and enhance this vision and make it happen by joining hands.