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KZR's evolution from its inception in 1991 to date.


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KZR's founding partners and their successors (former KZR associates) continue building relationships and collaborations with other individuals and organizations who share in our passion for developing the human factor with equal intensity in the for-profit and non-profit arena. 

Organizations on this page are an important part of KZR's expanding network that is transforming the management and leadership landscape in Pakistan and abroad. 

Links to websites of these organizations are provided here.


School of Leadership

sol logo

Established in 2002. Umair Jaliawala, CEO. Its main focus is youth leadership and capacity building in the education sector. SoL is managed and led by young people, while its directors act as mentors and coaches to them. SoL is well known for organizing and facilitating the Young Leaders's Conference (YLC), which is held annually.

URL: www.sol.edu.pk



HSM is a leadership and management multimedia firm that produces and distributes high quality of content through four of their distinguished channels: Live Conferences (Ex, World Business Forum / World Innovation Forum); TV (Management TV); Magazine (HSM Management / Gestion); and online (live stream of our event, webinars).

URL: www.hsmglobal.com



Intercultural communication and leadership are the joint initiative and leading partnerships of people from different cultures, religions or ethnicity, to serve people living side by side to be able to live together, interact and function as a peaceful and prosperous community or society. This is the understanding upon which the Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS) works in various parts of the world.

URL: www.intercivilization.net





Enabling clients find their purpose in the world and communicate this purpose in a compelling way.

URL: www.carnelianco.com



An inspiring journey of a decade comes to an end and makes way for new beginnings. It was recently decided to wind up Navitus Pvt. Limited (ensuring that all current commitments are met) to make way for all parties involved to pursue their respective dreams. I am delighted that as a result the learning and development industry has more players who will continue to strengthen the value adding work of developing the human factor in organizations in Pakistan and abroad. I have faith that all those who were working with Navitus will continue with our tradition of elevating the human spirit in their respective endeavors. InshaAllah, I shall continue in the L&D industry to be part of the unstoppable and meaningful agenda of positive change that commenced in 1991.

URL: www.navitus.biz


solf logo

School of Leadership Foundation (SoLF) is a non-profit organization founded in Oct 2004. Kamran Rizvi and Shireen Naqvi are its managing trustees. SoLF works with communities and individuals to leverage diversity and connect cultures. SoLF represents ICLS (The Intercultural Communication and Leadership School) and ExtraCorp in Pakistan.

URL: www.solf.org.pk



History is witness to the truth that whenever individuals, nations or the human race, as one, have decided toturnthings around, change themselves and attain a higher level of being, they've experienced a turning force...Torque. Carrying the legacy of the turning force, we thrive by the name Torque.We train people to identify the endless possibilities of the mind and souland stimulate them to take turns for the good.

URL: www.theturningforce.com



In 1995, a group of Pakistani professionals associated with training; joined hands to share ideas and resources, in order to be more effective in their organization, profession, and society at large.

The TRG key stated objective is to share our experiences and knowledge, and to disseminate what we know.

URL: www.trg.org.pk/